Engage your client before your monthly call to get the small stuff out of the way to focus on advisory

  • 28 April 2022
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It is never fun to get prepared for a 1:1 monthly meeting with a client only to have the time used educating the client on accounting principles or transaction questions that are not relevant to them moving their business forward. While it is great to bring the client up to speed on accounting, what would be better is to get the small things out of the way before your call so you can focus your call on deeper, more strategic value you can provide to the client. 


With Digits Reports Comments you can get ahead of the call through engaging with the client by using “@” mentions in your comments on their monthly report to engage your client and answer their small questions before your call. That way, the time is spent on the most fruitful and relationship strengthening advisory work


1. Open your final Digits report you will present
2. Scroll through and "@" mention your client with questions throughout before your call
3. The client will get a notification of a comment that I can click a quick link and go answer the question before our call

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