Allow % of Income on the graphs that can be added rathe than % or $ Change from prior period.

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If I could use the % of income for the current period instead of the % of change in dollars from the prior period, then I would be able to easily share living, historical metrics / KPIs with my clients.

And that would be awesome.

Hey @Kristen Nies Ciraldo  Great to hear you see some amazing potential with Digits Reports! With regards to % of income, does this cover  what you are looking for? If not, could you provide a bit more context as to what you are looking for with the metrics and KPIs? It sounds related to % of income but wanted to make sure I was following :) 

Hi Michael,

Sure!   So the functionality you are showing is in the reports, which is great.

I realize what I was asking wasn’t clear because it took ME a minute to figure out what I meant.

Turns out I was talking about the "At a Glance” page on the client portal.  We are allowed to populate that page with the information square or cells that we think are appropriate to our client. 


What I wish is that in the upper right hand corner, instead of the automatic % change from the prior period, we could instead choose to display the % Income.

Right now, although these cells are fantastic to have, in that they can give my clients the quick info they need to calculate a metric or KPI, they aren’t actually displaying the KPI itself.

Another option would be to be able to include a different kind of cell that would display the results of a formula of our choosing (but that is probably a heavier lift programming-wise).

To be honest, this kind of functionality for what I’ll call these “metric cells” would be a VERY welcome thing in the reporting too!  I have them as a piece of my regular monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting for clients.  It’s a great place for clients to investigate what’s behind their KPIs.  But for the five KPIs I measure for them, I have to call them out manually.  Which means I have to manually reset them any time I do a new report.

One more thing that might convince you….

although it is convenient to see the % change on these metric cells, it kind of isn’t doing anything but repeating what we can already see in the cell.

Both a % of income and a % change are calculations.  The difference is that one simply does math on the stuff you can already see visually in the cell, while the other actually provides MORE information than can be seen.  As long as an income metric cell is provided nearby, my clients aren’t in danger of losing context.  

LMK if that explains what I meant?



Wow @Kristen Nies Ciraldo I’m blown away! This detailed level of feedback is amazing and has already been shared directly with the product team. You made this much clearer, thank you so much. 

One follow up question, would this be a change you’d want to make universally across all clients or is it a case-by-case basis?

i *think* you mean is it something I would want to choose to have as a default with all my clients or would i rather choose client by client.  tbh, ideally i would be able to choose metric cell by metric cell… but in lieu of that, i’m almost always a fan of diversity of choice.  so i’d probably pick

  1. by metric cell
  2. by presence in reporting vs on the client portal
  3. by account utilized
  4. by client
  5. universal

Perfect, you gave the exact clarity I was looking for, thank you!