Community Request: a Demo Company account to show clients

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A demo company that I could use to show current and prospective clients all the features of Digits and how it could benefit them, without exposing a real company’s financial data, would be amazing!!

Hey @Amanda have you seen our demo site here? Would love to know if that meets your needs or if there is more we can build for you and your clients.

@Michael That definitely works for now!  It’d be great to eventually have a demo company in my dashboard that I could customize reports in the way that I would use them with clients - like year reports, anything I add with the report builder, and hopefully one day in the future budget vs. actuals and class/location reports.

Awesome, thanks for the additional thoughts @Amanda really appreciate it! 

Hey, is there a new demo site? I saw the old one, but that link just takes you to the normal sales page. Do we only have the brief 50 second demo video now? It doesn’t include the dashboard or the AI chatbox, which I want to highlight.