Digits Reports Builder: Budget Vs Actuals (supporting class/location/etc)

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Please allow for Budget Vs actuals comparison against every field that is “budgetable” in QBO

Hey @TylerOtto  - thanks! clarification question: where do you store your budget now?

Agreed.  Budget vs. Actuals is important for our reporting and advisory services.

@courtney - Typically the budgets are stored in Quickbooks Online and it has the ability to store multiple budgets (by class, by customer, etc).  The only company I’ve seen that provides robust budget vs. actuals at that level of detail is https://www.calxa.com/

@don.needs thanks for sharing! Do you use the budgeting in both Quickbooks Online and Calxa?

Hi @courtney - We mostly use budgeting in Quickbooks Online, however for more customized reports we use Calxa.

@don.needs Great to know, really appreciate it!

Great request @TylerOtto! We need to be able to drill down several budget levels: Departments, sub-departments, projects, etc. Hoping to simplify the creation and performance management of these complex budgets.

Thanks for the additional context @NPBmhiggins that’s super helpful!

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Hey @TylerOtto  - thanks! clarification question: where do you store your budget now?

Currently we store the budget in QBO. Would happily upload the budget to digits if it,would give me the reporting I need

Awesome, thanks @TylerOtto really appreciate that info.