Digits Reports Builder: Cash Basis Reporting

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98% of my clients are on cash basis. I would LOVE the capability of toggling between cash and accrual. Please add this feature ASAP!

Thank you @shannonp  - totally understood! I will bring this back internally to the team.

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I’m in the same boat as @shannonp .  Almost everyone I have (and everyone who has reporting included in their monthly package) are cash basis. 

Thanks for sharing @SaraBryson, really appreciate it! 

I am also in that boat.   We are really liking Digits but most of my   clients want cash basis reports

Yes!  Almost all of my clients are cash basis so Digits is kind of pointless for me.

Is there an ETA on Cash Reporting yet?

Thank you for checking in on this thread @Shelly! While the team is actively diving in to deliver cash reporting it’s still a bit away at the moment as we work to have it at the same level of polish as accrual.

Thank you for the update @Michael . I will keep this on my radar as 99% of my clients are cash-reporting so this feature is very much needed for me to deliver reporting through Digits..