Digits Reports Builder: Cash Basis Reporting

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98% of my clients are on cash basis. I would LOVE the capability of toggling between cash and accrual. Please add this feature ASAP!

Hey @Rbpinney I understand your frustration completely, I would be upset too if I was in your shoes. The team here is acutely aware of the lack of Cash Basis as all of the comments from you and others are shared directly with them.  I don’t want to promise a timeline as you have seen things that can and do change in that regards. Again, I know this answer is not what you want it to be, but I do want to be genuine and candid.

@Michael Just circling back around. I keep checking back every couple months, because I would love to roll out Digits to my clients, but the lack of cash basis reports is a barrier. 

While we don’t yet have full Cash Basis reporting, there are some components or tiles that are cash focused. Would love to know if this helps you (or not)