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Is there a way to collapse the rows in the reports? For example, I organize my COAs with parent accounts and child accounts. This allows me to have detail when needed in QuickBooks but also view easy-to-read reports. It would be nice to have that same option in Digits reports. 

Awesome idea and something we’ve heard from a few other folks! Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming :) 

Hey @contractorskeeperllc,

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! As @Michael said, this is an awesome idea, and we got straight to work on this. Here are some design concepts we’re playing with:


Quick question for you: When you collapse the rows above, would you expect your clients to see the same rows collapsed when they view that report? I’m assuming that if you collapse rows, you’d also want your clients to see the rows collapsed, but I just wanted to validate that assumption 😊

@Andrew Yes, I would like my clients to see the rows collapsed too. I was hoping to be able to have some kind of option to collapse all rows at once instead of manually choosing individual rows to collapse. But then being able to expand individual rows if necessary. Kind of how the collapse function works in Quickbooks. 

Hey @contractorskeeperllc,

We loved this idea, so we have now implemented the ability to collapse rows in Digits reports. When you collapse a row in Edit mode, Digits will remember and save that collapsed row to ensure that your recipients will see that same report presentation. Recipients can still collapse / expand rows on their own in View mode, but those actions won’t save like they do for yours in Edit mode - we wanted to make sure that the report presentation you provided won’t be overridden by other viewers’ actions.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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Yay!! Thank you so much :-)

How do I get to “edit” mode. I have clicked on Edit next to “Share Report”. Then I click “Edit Report”, but nothing happens. 


Hey @JR Garcia that sounds very odd that the report isn’t opening up for you. Hold tight while I dig into this more with the team!

@JR Garcia can you let me know if you see the satellite when trying to edit the report again? I included a sample image below :) 

If so, click on “Hide” or the “Share” button and the “Edit” mode should become actionable again.


I think i see it now. Thank you!


Awesome so glad to hear it @JR Garcia I’ll chat with the team about making that experience a bit clearer :)