Digits Reports Builder: Create a semi-annual report

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It looks like you cannot create a semi-annual report or six month time period. It would be nice to have this option, or to be able to select more than one Quarter. For example, Q1 and Q2, or Q2 and Q3, etc.

 Thanks for the idea @rdavis, will make sure to chat with the team about this. Could you share what percent of your clients want these semi-annual reports? 


I currently have one client that wanted to see this. Ideally, I would be able to see a report June-May and compare this time period to the year before. This client has a FY Jan-Dec, but have annual meetings in June where they want to see what happened since the last annual meeting, hence June-May. Can the current reports do this?

Hey @rdavis,

Great idea! Currently, we only support monthly, quarterly, and annual report types.

However, we’ve been fielding similar ideas as of late to expand our report type offerings to include others such as YTD and your other idea, which was custom date range

Quick question: Would your custom date range idea support your use case here? In other words, if you were able to select a date range of Jan-June (i.e. Q1 & Q2) or June-May (i.e. Q3, Q4, Q1, & Q2) as your custom date range, is there anything your client would expect in a custom report’s presentation that would be different than your typical semi-annual report presentation?

Hi @Andrew 

No, I believe your solution to build the report by adding the quarters as you mentioned would solve the problem. Great idea!

The YTD option would be great as well, especially if you are mid-quarter…


Fantastic - We currently have research efforts underway to land on a flexible solution that can support each of the report type needs we’re hearing, so more to come. 

Please don’t hesitate to send more ideas our way!