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I own a bookkeeping firm with 70+ clients. Part of our “normal” package of monthly reports, in addition to the reports currently offered in Digits are:

Year to Date P&L (with %)

Year to Date P&L by Month

12 Month Rolling P&L

Year to Date year over year P&L 

Is there going to be a way to get these reports in the future? If not, Digits is a “cool” thing, but not helpful in our business.

Thanks @michaelallimlan for raising this up and sharing candid feedback. YTD is definitely under consideration and we will keep this idea updated. Please keep the ideas coming!

Also, you may want to vote for this idea as well: 


Hey @michaelallimlan,

We’re diving into the details of this request now. 

One quick question: What do you mean by Year to Date P&L (with %)?

I just sent out April reports. One of the reports is a YTD P&L that includes a single column total of Jan-April results. The percentage is another column with each line item show as a percentage of total income.

Hey @michaelallimlan,

Got it - Very helpful!

From the other YTD idea thread @Michael linked above, it was requested to have columns split by month. But in your case, it appears you aggregate the YTD months as one column either on a total or % basis. 

Would you find it useful for you have the option to split the columns out as well? or do you prefer to aggregate the YTD months in one column always?

Yea, absolutely. As I said above, we send a YTD P&L (in total) as well as a YTD P&L by month. Additionally, for many clients, we also send a YTD P&L that compares the same period from the previous year.

Amazing - We’re looking into this proposed feature more on our tech side and we’ll circle back in a bit with an update!

Updated idea statusNewDiscussion ongoing

Yes, this is very much needed! 

Hi there - do we have a timeline of when these updates will be going live?  Year to date reporting is the biggest thing holding us back doing a full roll out of these reports to our clients.


I see this conversation was from a year ago so curious if there’s an estimated date.

Hey @Louise H Yes, this is overdue for an update. I am happy to share that we are planning and have started custom date reporting this quarter, which will include month, quarter, and yearly ranges. This will not include partial month reporting out of the box, but it is a big step in getting us there.

Hi @Michael  Thank you for getting back to me.

Do you have a rough ETA on when we can expect it to be live?  Are we talking weeks, 3-months, 6-months?

Ahh, sorry, I was not clear on that @Louise H . We expect to build and release this functionality this quarter. 

Oh wonderful! Thanks @Michael 

I have excellent news to share! Reporting across custom months, quarters, or years is now live in your Digits dashboard. A video showing this will be coming soon, but you can select multiple different date ranges.