Digits Reports Builder: Pin "open" charts or graphs on statements

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I would love it if I could pin open (or pin to the report) a few of the charts that pop up when you hover over the financial statements in reports.

Similarly, it would be amazing if the little blurbs that pop up in the chart pop ups (“compared to May, you spent 35%…...) were available as “pre-set” text boxes in the executive summary area so you could quick drag those into the summary page to stand out.  Right now, only some of those things pre-load in the summary.  

I did attempt to copy/paste to reformat one of the blurbs that pre-filled in the executive summary (I wanted it in a different place so it needed it’s own text box) and it lost all the bold/orange/hyperlinked formatting, which was a bummer.

Hey @DZMBB ooh thats a great idea! I think this could be super helpful to easily add more context.

@DZMBB can you share more context around what you are trying to solve? I would love to bring this up internally to our design and product team for a deeper discussion. 🙂 For example are you just wanting the pop up content to be available for the rest of the report so you can post it by that specific line item?

Hi Courtney - If you’d like I can send you a video clip explaining what I was thinking?

Hey @DZMBB yes - please send a video :)