Digits Reports Builder: Reporting tempates

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It would be great to be able to save monthly reporting templates (layouts / executive summary) so that we don't need to recreate each month. 

Awesome idea @brady and I know other folks are interested in this as well!

@brady good news -- the team shipped v1 of this functionality today. Now when you click +New Report, at the bottom, same line as the Generate button, you’ll see a “Copy Previous Report”.



Updated idea statusNewDiscussion ongoing

Updated idea statusDiscussion ongoingImplemented

Updated idea statusImplementedDiscussion ongoing

Whoops! Turns out this is undergoing internal polish review. Will ship to public version soon!

Good news, this now live for all of you! As @Wayne Chang mentioned above:

  • Click on “Copy Previous Report...” 
  • Select the report you wish to copy and click “Generate”

We will copy the format from the previous report with updated data from the new time period. Update the executive summary and send it over to your client! 


Updated idea statusDiscussion ongoingImplemented