Digits Reports Builder: Send prior month's reports to Clients Portal without notifications being sent

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I would love the capability to add prior months financial reports to the clients portal without having to send them an email for each one.  I am just now doing a video for each client to help them understand how to read their Digits financials and it would be great to already have all of this years monthly financials in their portal when they first log in.

Great idea @rynaecalder. Sharing this with the Product team and will keep this thread updated. Keep the ideas coming :) 

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Thanks @rynaecalder ! We’re going to add a checkbox when you share, something similar to “Notify People” like google docs. If you uncheck it, it will share but not send the email. Does that solve this use case?

Yes.  So there would be a checkmark to add any prior financials to the client portal without emailing the client.  Perfect!

Hey @rynaecalder,

Thanks so much for the input here! We’re diving into this as we speak and I’ll circle back with updates shortly.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other ideas in the meantime!

Hey @rynaecalder,
You’ll now find a new checkbox in the share modal when viewing a report. When you unselect this checkbox, an email notification will not be sent to the share recipients, per your request.

Thank you again for the idea and your patience as we implemented this new feature. And please don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback for this feature or anything else! 

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Thanks for adding this!  It is so helpful!  Is it possible to not have to add the clients email in order to share it to their portal?  

Another question...how do I turn on the capability to get a link for sharing.  All of mine say disabled.  

Thank you,

Hey @rynaecalder,

For your first question, once you share a report and the recipient creates a Digits account, their name will then pre-populate when you attempt to share future reports. Adding their emails and recipients creating an account is needed so that Digits is aware of the people in your network and can use that to prepopulate names going forward.

As it relates to your second question, you can click the “Disabled” button to activate the share link:


Got it!  I didn’t realize I had to click in the name section for it to let me have a dropdown for the link.  It works.  Thanks!