New Tool Idea: Industry Standard Reporting / Benchmarking

Related products: R&D, etc

Having the tool to make industry analysis to judge how well the clients are meeting the standard. Taking the NAICS to break down industries. This could be broken down by revenue number to get a more accurate picture. 

Hey @Helix Point  - benchmarking against industry has been something we’ve been wanting to do for awhile! A few questions:

  • How long does it take you to do the analysis now?
  • How often do you report the benchmark to your clients?
  • What does your clients do after they get the benchmark?

Hey @courtney, thank you for reaching out. 

  • As of right now we do not have a tool that we use for the analysis. We could not find one that reached the small to medium business. We use data from the years I worked at QuickBooks, our other similar business, and past jobs
  • When we feel confided about our data, we bring this up quarterly as a judgment on where they are. 
  • Most of our clients of our client appreciate the feedback. We do it verbally, so I think there is a disconnect with our clients because there is not a visual report.