Operational Client Portal

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Enable a full service client portal providing the ability for document storage, thus eliminating the need to purchase a client portal elsewhere. 

I have to limit the amount of logins & clicks my client has to do to work with me. This is a pain point for not sending my client access to the Digits portal, as they already use my Intuit tax portal, and client management software portal [currently used for document storage]. Too many touchpoints for them to remember. 

Thanks and great work with this product! I love it so far!

Great idea @Steve Griffin and it’s one we’ve been discussing internally. It could be a way for your clients to share documents, bank statements, 1099s, or other files without using another tool as you mentioned.  One follow-up question, could you share a list of the documents or file types you’d want to upload?


PS: Glad to hear you’re loving Digits, really appreciate the kind words :) 

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick reply. 

Would be great to be able to upload workpapers, financial supporting docs, bank statements, schedules etc. - would also be great for clients to be able to upload, and to be able to request specific docs from the client, and provide them a place to upload per the request.

PDFs, XLS, DOC, PNG, JPG - this would be a great start!

All the best,
Steve Griffin

Awesome, thanks @Steve Griffin that’s super helpful context, really appreciate it! 

I agree, Digits is so close!

I am trying to move off of Keeper, because it lacks excitement, very bland.

However, having a month-end close workflow for myself and team members and the ability to request documents for clients to upload into the portal would allow me to do so.

Thanks Kenny, would you be willing to share what your month-end close workflow is like for most of your clients? If you want to share privately, please email me at support (at) digits (dot) com. I’d love to get your flow straight to our product team as we explore this area!