Operational Client Portal

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Enable a full service client portal providing the ability for document storage, thus eliminating the need to purchase a client portal elsewhere. 

I have to limit the amount of logins & clicks my client has to do to work with me. This is a pain point for not sending my client access to the Digits portal, as they already use my Intuit tax portal, and client management software portal [currently used for document storage]. Too many touchpoints for them to remember. 

Thanks and great work with this product! I love it so far!

Great idea @Steve Griffin and it’s one we’ve been discussing internally. It could be a way for your clients to share documents, bank statements, 1099s, or other files without using another tool as you mentioned.  One follow-up question, could you share a list of the documents or file types you’d want to upload?


PS: Glad to hear you’re loving Digits, really appreciate the kind words :) 

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick reply. 

Would be great to be able to upload workpapers, financial supporting docs, bank statements, schedules etc. - would also be great for clients to be able to upload, and to be able to request specific docs from the client, and provide them a place to upload per the request.

PDFs, XLS, DOC, PNG, JPG - this would be a great start!

All the best,
Steve Griffin

Awesome, thanks @Steve Griffin that’s super helpful context, really appreciate it!