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There should be a way to reach support with questions when using Digits - might be me but I can’t see a support / log a request option anywhere


Great call out! We should make it easier in-product to reach support and the community site.

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Hey @JAM! Thanks for bringing this up. The team is working on this now. :)

Hey @JAM this idea has been implemented! You will now see a Get Support when you are in Digits. 🙂 Thank you again for bringing this up. 



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So I see this if I am in a client but what if I am just setting up my Digits account and the report’s not generated, as in yesterday’s example. I’m not seeing a support option on my client portal.

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@JAM Thanks for the additional clarity and I see what you mean. I’m chatting with the product team, further improvements coming soon.

Hey @JAM Excellent news! We just pushed out an improvement to make this much easier to find. If you head to Digits, you should see a support icon after clicking on your company’s name. That will take you here which has both links to additional information and our support contact info. 


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