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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but all things Digits have been painfully slow for me this weekend. Every page takes several seconds to load, not just reports but any page inside of Digits, even the community.

I’m on an iMac using Safari. Everything is up to date with my systems. 

Hey @contractorskeeperllc ooh no, that doesn’t sound good. Thank you for bringing this up, we are taking a look to see if there is reason why it has been lagging. 

@contractorskeeperllc thanks for your patience while we dug in more. The team has looked into our logs and tried to reproduce the slowness you saw. So far, we haven’t been able to do so. 

Are you still seeing this slow behavior? If so, could you please make a Loom recording and share it here so we can keep diving into this. We always want Digits to be fast and responsive for you! 

Hi @Michael may have just been a problem on my end. I seem to be having some issues with my VPN (Nord VPN). It’s only affecting certain websites, one of which was Digits, which is weird. My apologies! 

Thanks for letting me know @contractorskeeperllc 

In case it helps, I pulled up a few ways to contact NordVPN for help: 

Here are a few articles that might help!