Quality Control Report

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It would be really nice to have a summary report of key items for each entity that can be quickly scanned to look for red flags.  

Some items off the top of my head:

  • Oldest Unreconciled Transactions (215 days ago)
  • Number of Unreconciled Transactions (15)
  • Value of unreconciled items ($13,257)
  • Receivables older than X months (5%)
  • Payables older than X months (7%)
  • Duplicate Contacts (7)
  • Duplicate Transactions (9)


To double down on this feature, it would also be fantastic to have a dashboard with with the Quality Control score of all of my clients at a glance to know which clients would have red flags. 

@Judah back-to-back great ideas, thank you! I’ll bring this back to our product and engineering teams, definitely see the benefit of at a glance view of each client in addition to the specific key items you mentioned. 

If other folks have things they’d like to have flagged, please chime in!