Stripe integration

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Currently all revenue that flows through Stripe shows as a single customer named “Stripe” in the Digits revenue dashboard. It would be great if there was direct integration with Stripe so that the revenue numbers could be broken down more accurately, and be closer to real time.

@Shaun I want to dig into this a bit more with the team. Will keep you updated. 


@Shaun do you currently have things set up in QBO where you book all your Stripe revenue at the end of the month in a single transaction?

QuickBooks initially sees it as a single transaction when it imports from our bank account, but then our accountants manually split it up at the end of the month. I think what I’m seeing in Digits in the bank > QuickBooks line item for month-to-date that hasn’t been manually fixed up yet.

Got it, thanks @Shaun super helpful context. Our product team is looking at ways to improve this. 

If you want to bring customer data into QBO from Stripe, look at It is not intuitive to set up and it’s interface is pretty bad, but once it is set up and working, all your Stripe transactions will come over with most of the Stripe data attached. Then you can match your bank feed deposits from Stripe to the transfers from the Stripe bank account to your checking account that Synder sync’d to your QBO as well.