Track Custom KPIs

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I’d like the ability to build and track custom KPIs, similar to how they do it in Keeper

Definitely hear you on this @AbbyTBK ; one quick follow-up question - on average how many different KPIs does each client want to keep track of?

Great question @Michael . I think 5 would be a good number to start. But anything is better than nothing at this point! 

Thanks @AbbyTBK  Are there any specific KPIs that you have for each of your clients or is it unique per client? We aimed to highlight a few key metrics in the Client Portal, so it’d be great to know if there are additional items we should add or if you have completely custom KPIs per client. 


There are some basic ones that would be helpful for everyone, like Net Profit Margin, but then there are ones that are customized to each client (where ideally we could input some data manually).

Wonderful, thanks so much @AbbyTBK this is very helpful feedback!