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Digits Boost: Now in Labs

Digits Boost: Now in Labs

I’m excited to share a new tool we’ve been building –  Digits Boost!

Digits Boost is an amazing new tool that will suggest actions to take on behalf of your clients’ ledgers.

Anytime a Boost is available, you’ll be notified. For example:

Category Suggestions Digits looks at each transaction and alerts you if we notice that it is categorized with a different category compared to similar transactions
Vendor Suggestions If we spot a vendor that we think can be cleaned up or modified we’ll alert you.
Personally Identifiable Information Suggestions If we notice credit card information or social security numbers in transaction descriptions, we can clean it up and remove it


By popular demand, Quickbooks Push now supported with Boost!

Make sure data stays aligned, any suggestion you accept will be pushed to QBO automatically, no need to switch apps.


Getting access to Digits Boost

(Labs-access required - request access here)


Setting up Boost

  1. No setup required. Seriously.
    (It automatically did it - already saving you time!)


Launching Boost

  1. Log into Digits
  2. In top-left drop-down, click “Boost
  3. View the suggestions for each client

To push to QBO, click “Fix”.


Feedback matters in Labs:
Please post any issues, bugs, improvements or suggestions.

Excited to keep building this product with you, together.

PS: If you don’t see this on your dashboard, comment below and we’ll get you activated.

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@JessicaF Stay tuned! We have a new feature coming out very soon that will allow you to filter out specific boost suggestions.

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@JessicaF - Just wanted to thank you again for your suggestion of being able to ignore boost suggestions. Following up on that idea, we recently launched the ability to do exactly that! 


Steps to Complete:

  1. Enter Boost for your chosen client
  2. Click on the “Edit Rules” button in the top right
  3. Click on the “+ Add Filter icon”
  4. Select a Vendor, Debit Category or Credit Category
  5. Choose “Is not one of” 
  6. Type in one or multiple Vendors, Debit or Credit Categories to exclude
  7. Hit “Apply” in the bottom right

This will take 24 hours to implement into boost but once complete you should no longer see what you chose to exclude from Boost. 


Take a look and let us know what you think! More to come as well! :-)