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[04.22 — Digits Upgrade] Upgrading: Digits Reports, Digits Search, Accountant Portal, Living Model

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[04.22 — Digits Upgrade] Upgrading: Digits Reports, Digits Search, Accountant Portal, Living Model




Introducing Quarterly Reports

Welcome to Q2 🙂 Now, with the click of a button, you can generate beautiful, immersive quarterly reports packed with all the intelligent executive summaries and actionable insights you get from standard, monthly Digits Reports. Quarterly Reports pack all the same power: infinitely explore your data through elegantly presented numbers and popular features like Hover to Discover.






Preview Mode — proof before you send

It’s no surprise that accountants and financial professionals care tremendously about the details.  When it came to creating reports for their clients, they were interested in how their work would be presented. Inquisitive and detail-oriented users can now preview and share both emails and reports with themselves to see and review exactly what the others will receive when they are shared a report.




Full April Change Log


Digits Reports + Digits Reports Builder

  • Feature: Quarterly Reports Support
    • Users can now generate quarterly Digits Reports
  • Feature: View-as-a-Client Support
    • Users can now preview a report before sharing it
    • Users can now preview an email before sending it
    • Designed a top banner to identify preview mode
    • Developed a tool-tip for better “Preview” text explanation
  • User Experience Enhancements
    • Improvements related to date adjustments
    • Easier time period selection
    • Greater context awareness with expanded viewing around shared reports

Digits Search

  • Added underlying support for searching across different view types
  • Enhanced extraction of information from unstructured text
  • Index transactions’ external display ID’s

Accountant Portal

  • Updated ordering and treatment of client lists

Living Model

  • Optimized vendor information extraction via transaction descriptions
  • Implemented a Digits specific banking-related NER model.

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