Adding more Clients to Digits

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If you have ever found yourself tired of constantly trying to navigate your QBO Dashboard to find the client you are looking for only to realize that the client you are looking for is under a different account all together!? 


Through Digits Accounting Portal you no longer have to fumble through a client list to get where you need to go. Add all of your clients to Digits and quickly, through lightning fast search and organization based on who on your team manages which accounts, Digits makes it extremely easy to find the client you are looking for. 



  1. Open your Accounting Portal
  2. In the bottom left click “+ Add Client” 
  3. On the integration page click the “Connect Quickbooks” option
  4. Go through the authentication flow 
  5. Digits will pull in your client data in the background and you will then receive a notification once the client is ready. 

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