Account manager versus admin access

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Hello, Is there a way to give an employee Admin access and then select which companies I do not want her to have access to?  It appears in order for her to share links and send emails to clients, she does not have that capability as account manager.  But if I give her full admin access, then she can see my personal business financials which I do not want her to have.  Thank you,


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Hey @rynaecalder - this a great question! So the difference from admin access and account manager is that the account manager won't have blanket admin-access to all clients for your firm. They will still be able to share links and send emails to clients with account manager access. Once you give a user account manager access you will then be able to choose which clients they have access too. So you could then give them admin access to each clients books and no access to your books. Is there another way you would want this to function?

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@courtney - I gave my employee who is setup as an account manager,  admin access to two clients and she does not have the ability to share or email the reports to those clients. 

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Hey @tymueller thanks for bringing this up!

I just chatted with our product team and it seems you are correct and there is an issue.

We’re handing this over to Engineering to triage and roll out a fix.

I will keep you updated on progress!

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Hey @tymueller good news we fixed your employees access! She should now have the ability to share or email the clients. :)

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@courtney I changed my employees access back to account manager and she now is able to share and email.  Thank you!


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@rynaecalder great to hear!