How do I delete/disconnect a business

  • 23 October 2023
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How do I delete/disconnect a business I don't work with anymore? I need to delete Statecraft, schoolcraft and northarc

3 replies

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Hey @ellenflowers You can always reach out to us at support (at) digits (dot) com for deletion requests. In this case though, the companies you mentioned are in the process of being removed from your account. It can take up to 20 minutes to have the companies removed from your Digits dashboard. 


My name is Mariko Hayahi-Hall, I am embarrassed to say that I signed up for 5 free accounts but I never followed through to learn more about Digits. Now that I really need to get started with the clients and learn in and out of the tool. I need to get started fresh. Can You please delete all the test clients that are connected to our account? my email is, company name is Brilliant Solutions Group, Inc.

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Hey @Mariko Hayashi-Hall No problem at all and apologies for the delay. I’ve reset things for ya :)