How to Add my coworkers

  • 16 August 2023
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I’ve recently setup an account for my firm and I added several colleagues but they didn’t get invites, how do I share access to digits with additional members of my accounting firm?

5 replies

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Hey Chris,

Dakota here from Digits. First off, welcome to Digits! 

I do see that you were able to go into the product and invite your colleagues. This is done by heading to Settings > colleagues > then selecting add colleague and filling out their details and setting permissions accordingly. 

Looking at our email logs, it looks the invites were indeed sent and delivered. Were your colleagues able to check their spam folders, Chris? 

While they shouldn’t end up there, some email providers and custom domains have various rules that route emails into weird places.  

Let me know if still no luck and we can dig deeper!



Thanks for the note, I had added my colleagues, but they never got a notification.  One signed in with Intuit and it created another HireEffect account, this one with nobody connected.  We use Office365 for email so the spam filters are quite good and don’t catch much they shouldn’t.  If my team has still not received an email from when I added them how can they login and see the clients, I added and assigned to them?


Any help is appreciated, Chris

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Hey @Chris Scott thanks for the update. Your colleagues should be able to log in via Magic Links; these are email based, but are sent when you or your colleagues request it, so it should be easier to find in their inbox or spam folder (in case they get flagged incorrectly by Microsoft). If they still aren’t seeing emails, please let me know so we can debug this further together.

Thanks, I’ve deleted and readded them and they did get notices, They had all gone right to spam.  In the spam folder they started with a lot of code so it was hard to identify them as a Digits email.  Once moved back to the inbox the images came through.  Solving the spam issue would be good but barring that you might be able to put some plain text at the top of the email stating “This is your invite to Digits” so it is easier to identify in the spam folder.  

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Thanks for the update Chris. Glad to hear it’s all set now, but we are having conversations internally to reduce the chance of this happening again. Really appreciate your idea on adding that plain text at the beginning.