Is it possible to add commentary in a report but not in the executive summery?

  • 22 August 2023
  • 3 replies

The Executive Summary is a great spot for big observations but we would like to be able to add context and comments in the body of the P&L, BS etc.  Is there a way to add comments in more than the executive summary?

3 replies

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Hey @Chris Scott Great question! If you hover over a specific line item in the P&L or Balance Sheet, you should see an option to add a comment. I’ve included a screenshot below. Is that what you’re looking for?



Yes, thank you.  I figured it existed, it was hiding behind the right side popup but was obvious once I hide that area.  

Followup Question, when comments get “Resolved” they seem to disappear, is there a way to see resolved comments or that resolved comments previously existed?

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Ahh, got it @Chris Scott ; we are actively working on improving the “hidden” behavior of the comments. Stay tuned for an update to the UI there soon.

Currently, when a comment is resolved, it is removed. I’ll let the product team know you’d like to change this behavior!