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  • 26 June 2023
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How do I get the model to refresh.  In the current month.  As I make closing entries and accruals the model does not refresh.

5 replies

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Hey @Mike Carpenter In general, we refresh data from QBO’s API within a few minutes of data changing within QBO.  I dug into the specifics for the client you added, due to QBO’S API limitations and the number of transactions your client has we’re unable to get the information from QBO as quickly. In this specific case, we update the data twice a day every 12 hours. I hope that helps clear this up and know that we are trying to find ways to make this faster.  

Twice per day is too slow. If we are trying to publish reports and don’t have current data it is a time suck.

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Hey @Jackie Compton Could you share the company you’re seeing that refresh time on? I want to ensure it’s one of the companies we would expect a 12-hour refresh time for just to be sure nothing else is happening.  If you prefer to share privately, please email me at support (at) digits (dot) com

In addition, yes, we’re aiming to reduce the 12-hour refresh time for the subset of customers affected. Most of your clients' information should be updated much faster. 



How do I share confidentially

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If you email me at support (at) digits (dot) com or bonnell (at) digits (dot) com, it will be kept confidential.