• 12 September 2022
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I noticed that my august report says Draft not published like my July report.  I’m not sure what I did for the previous month to move to published instead of draft.



4 replies

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I was looking to find an answer for you. Mine say the same thing- and i do not know what I did different from last month. Hope to find an answer.  

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Hi @Ana Cruz,

Thank you for bringing this up! Last week, we released an updated “Draft” format into Digits Report Builder to better delineate which reports are being actively edited vs. those that were complete and ready to be sent to a client. This was feedback we had heard quite a bit from teams to ease confusion around which reports were ready to go out vs. those still being worked on.


How it breaks down is that there are three “States” of Reports:

  1. Draft Report - This is a report that is being edited, commented on or refreshed with new data that has not been published/is not ready to be sent to a client. 
  2. Published Report - A report that is ready for review before being sent to a client. 
  3. Shared Report - A report that has been sent out to a client. 

This is a slight augmentation to the framework you are used to from previous months where there was an “Edit” and “Preview” toggle at the top of the report. Preview is now broken out into its own button and the draft status was cleared up with the “Published” state.


The flow of publishing a report will look like (I inputted a video below showing the flow as well):

  1. Click on “+ Run Report”
  2. Drag and drop charts, add comments and commentary
  3. Click on “Publish” in the top right of the draft report
  4. This will publish the report and open up the share modal. 
  5. Type in your clients emails to send the report to them. 

**If you want to push a published report back into Edit mode, you can do that through the “Edit” button in the top right of a published report. 


To speak to your other question, your past reports were created before the breakout of Draft/Published so they are defaulted to “Published”. 


Also, thank you @K Krueger for looking into this on your end to help out the community!! :-) 


Please let us know if you have any other questions, comments or otherwise with regards to the updated flow. Want to make everything as easy and seamless as possible for you and your teams :-) 



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Thank you, Rob.


I still cannot figure out how to change the report to published.  i don’t see a way to toggle like you mention in your message. 

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Hi @Ana Cruz - Shoot. Are you able to upload a screenshot of what you are seeing? I may be able to give some better direction from there. If there is any information in a screenshot you feel is sensitive, if you send the image to, I will see it there as well and can get this sorted for you!