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We’re thrilled to have you here! The Digits community is a collective of accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners, as well as your trusty Digits team. 

Our community is SO important to us because our customers shape everything we do. Your feedback, ideas, input, and unique business needs influence every step of the Digits journey. Really!

Take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know where you’re from, what you do, and what your current personal and/or business goals are. We’d love to support you and your business to help you expand and succeed! 

Once you’ve introduced yourself, take a moment to explore all that our community has to offer. We recommend starting with our Knowledge Base to learn more or our Product Ideas page, where you can see what features have been requested & are being built. 

If you need anything at all, just let us know. We can’t wait to get to know you! 

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Hi all --
I am Danny with a tech accounting company called hiline.  We are headquartered in Syracuse, NY but have employees nationwide.

We are seeking to continuously provide more meaningful data with a sleek look to our customers that expands beyond basic financial statements.

I look forward to being a part of the Digits community!

Welcome @dannyt! We’re so happy to have you here & support you and your clients! I used to be based in the NY area and definitely miss those stunning Fall leaves 🍁 Do you have any fun Fall activities planned?


Good Day to All,

Thank you for the warm welcome and I am excited to be part of what looks to be a spectacular solution in the world of reporting for accounting firms. I am a real estate focused accountant based in Utah for a national accounting company that specializes in real estate accounting for investors and their multiple streams of income/assets. I have struggled in finding unique ways to report analytics that does not put our clients to sleep. This seems to be a great solution and I am excited to dig in and learn how to tweak to preference. Many thanks for the invite to learn more! BTW, I stumbled across you via the Quickbooks Connect conference information that is coming up. I was interested in the vendors that are sponsoring and found you that way. 

Katrina Long

Salt Lake City, Utah

@Katrina Long Welcome!! Thank you for the kind words - we’re so thrilled to have you here! Will you be attending QBC? We’d love to make sure we connect there if so!


I will not be able to attend this year but look forward to the next one!


Hi, thanks for the invite. I am a solo small business CPA practitioner in the rural Philadelphia metropolitan area. I was an early adapter of the virtual business model back in the middle 1990s. Last week I heard about Digits on Cloud Accounting Podcast where the guys made it sound like everybody was already using it and I felt late to the party. Looking forward to learning more.


Thank you for the invite. I am a solo small firm CPA and CMA just starting out last month. I am focusing on consulting, gig workers, and E-commerce. I am very excited about this platform. When I was an accountant in industry and other small firms, I was always on the lookout for ways to work smarter. As someone who is really savvy with Excel and creating automation through VBA, I would prefer to not code everything just to have it break when a slight thing changes. Very excited about this platform! 


Hello everyone,


I’m Crystal, and I am a member of a small accounting firm in Ohio called LWS Tax & Accounting Solutions. 


We are always looking for ways to make our reporting more efficient and helpful to our clients, so we are excited to be a new member of the Digits community.



Hello all, 


My name is Brynn, member of a small bookkeeping & accounting firm in TN. We are on a constant search for new ways to interact with and impress our clients. Very excited to see the capabilities of Digits. 

I’m Chris, owner of a small CPA practice in Northwest Arkansas.  Just discovered Digits at Scaling New Heights in St. Louis this week.  Looking forward to exploring all the capabilities of Digits.

Hello! I’m Matt the owner of a CPA firm in Pittsburgh. We are big fans of bringing advanced reporting and insight to our closely-held and family owned business clients. We found out about Digits through the Woodard network.

Hi Everybody,

I work with Real Estate Investment and Professionals.

My goal is to provide them with reports that make sense to them.

I create accounts depending on the needs of my clients and would like for Digits to help me in:

1- Be able to create customized reports that include Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts in the same report.

2- Be able to separate the reports by class or customer to be able to analyze projects independently

3- Be able to have a column that provides % of a particular acct and compared with budgets…

Hope to be involved with the Digits team and other members to be able to brainstorm and make reporting effective but simple …



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Awesome and welcome @Juan Pardo This is great feedback and we definitely hear you on the ability to customize reports even further. We are looking into several of these.

For number 2 - when separate by customer, do you mean the vendors of your client and have reports breaking those down? I want to be sure I’m understanding!


For example:

Customer 1 = Property 1

Customer 2 = Property 2

In the income statement would be nice to have the properties separated individually. (most people use classes for this but you can do same with customers. Just name the customer the property address. Keep in mind that for real estate investors there are really no customers so we can use customer ONLY for the properties. Let me know if you need more details and I would make a sample in QBO.


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Yep, that totally makes sense Juan! Support for that is definitely on our roadmap :) 

Hello Everyone!

I am a part of a small team of profit advisors. We work remotely will small business owners in different fields, but our niche is salons (hair, nails, tanning… you name it.) I have gotten to play around in digits just a little and I am hopeful about what it offers so far! My goal is to learn and pass on my knowledge and incites to our clients. I like that the software is transparent and offers open 2-way communication with the clients. 

There is one inquiry I have about the reports: I was trying to see if I could run a year-to-date report for a client (they are very specific about having that one) but I did not see how to generate it and it was not offered in the customize options. Unless there is a different way to create the report that I am not seeing, do you plan to include that option in the future? Even with the yearly report, I do not see where I can customize it for a specific time frame (such as year to the previous month, for example.)

As I continue to explore or have questions, I will check in. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Welcome @SparkleShine_21 Love your feedback and focus on passing on knowledge to your clients! 


For YTD reporting, stay tuned, it is very top of mind for our team at the moment. 



Good Afternoon


I have a bookeeping practice in Maryland and I also have a networking group.  I have been trying to figure out if there are any humans working at Digits.  I would like to have a demo from someone for my local netowkring group.  I am playing with it now but I don’t wan tto waste a free account on QBO Demo data nor do I think it would even connect.  Is there anyone out there who can help?  Patty Mory

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Hello @Pmory Yes, there are folks here @ Digits! I just sent a follow up email to get more information date/time for your networking group so we can coordinate a demo. 


@Michael Michael, I never received an email from you.  Please send to  thanks!


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Huh, that’s very odd @Pmory I just sent you a new email; the original was incorrectly addressed, so my apologies for the first name hiccup!