What does Digits do?

  • 22 September 2023
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Hi everyone,


I am new to Digits and I’m trying to figure out how it can help me.  I am honestly just confused about what Digits is. 

I have connected 2 of my bookkeeping clients with QuickBooks Online and I am confused if Digits is supposed to automate the bookkeeping functions (transaction classification, etc.) or if it is mostly a reporting platform?

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Hey @Chad Stewart 

Welcome to Digits and some great questions! Digits helps to automate bookkeeping functions by flagging issues on the ledger: 

and with Transaction Review, which is our end-to-end solution for automatically identifying and booking uncategorized transactions and seamlessly collecting client input.

In addition, we aim to make it extremely easy to generate, customize, and share reports to your clients that are interactive and allow you to provide quick insights into your client’s business. 

Most importantly, our latest release of Digits AI allows you or your client to get finance questions get answered in seconds, with clear explanations and intuitive charts.

In short, Digits is here to help supercharge your business and make it easier to delight and wow your clients.