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I have a hard time reading white text on a dark background. Is that a setting I can change? Or just something I have to get used to?

It keeps from being able to engage for any length of time, and I do wonder if I’m an anomaly or if it bothers others.

My son says it’s just because I’m old!


Thanks for the idea @abhopmann There isn’t a way yet to disable dark mode, unless you print the report, will make sure the team sees this request! 

Yes, I would prefer the option for a light mode as well.

You aren’t alone! It is hard for me to read, too, and I’m 38. I don’t think I’m that old! :)

Here’s the comment I posted on another request...this thread is more in line with what I hope will be improved.

Beyond customizing just the reports, I would really love to see the ENTIRE website/portal have customizable themes. Or at least just one option to make it a basic white website instead of the space/future theme with a dark background that is going on now. I will be honest in saying that is the ONLY reason I have not started using Digits for my business. I find it hard to read all of the data and it’s just not pleasing to my eyes, so it’s not something I want to share with my clients. Hopefully that honest feedback is helpful!

I love what Abby says above! I would love to see template options for the entire report - not just the cover, too! 

@AbbyTBK @amcnary Thank you for your feedback! We’ve passed this along to our team and we’ll let you know if more options become available :) 

NewDiscussion ongoing

A lighter mode of Digits is actively being discussed :) Will keep this thread updated on the progress. 

Hallelujah!!  🙌🏻


Please take a look at this post and let us know your thoughts!

I am excited to share that a much lighter mode of Digits is now live for all of you! Please share any feedback, bugs, questions or thoughts :) 


Discussion ongoingImplemented

Is there a way to turn off dark mode in the reports? 

Howdy Folks (and @Elba Rushing)

I am very happy to share that our Reports were brought into light mode today to reflect the design and aesthetics you see elsewhere now throughout Digits. 

If you have any questions please let me know! 


PS - See the product update announcement here