Digits Reports Builder: Now in Labs

Digits Reports Builder: Now in Labs
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Creating financial reports usually takes hours. You have to gather all the information, then organize it, then analyze, and then finally create the charts and build the report your clients want.

Starting today, all that changes.

Introducing Digits Reports Builder.

Our mission with Digits Reports Builder is to save you time building the best reports for you and your clients. Why start with a blank sheet when Digits Reports Builder can help pre-populate for the report -- with real-data and analysis -- for you. Cut the time it takes to build reports from hours to minutes.


All of the intelligence.
None of the work.

No analysis needed. See an insight worth highlighting? Just click to add your executive summary.


Just Drag. Drop. Done.

Digits does the work for you. Decide what matters and add it to your report with just a click. Tell the best business story without breaking a sweat.


Find the needle in
every haystack.

Save hours a day calculating and verifying figures. Now, you can focus on the strategy that matters most to your clients.


Privacy & Security. Built-in.
Collaborate with colleagues before sharing with clients. Boost alignment with private, inline commenting.


All your clients. At a glance.
Manage your monthly deliverables with ease and flip between clients with just a click.




Getting access to Digits Reports Builder

(Labs-access required - request access here)


Setting up Digits Reports Builder

  1. No setup required. Seriously.
    (It automatically did it - already saving you time!

Launching Digits Reports Builder

  1. Once Reports Builder is unlocked, just click to start. That’s it. It’ll just work.


We hope you enjoy Digits Reports Builder (request access below to unlock). Please let us know below feedback and thoughts - we will roll that into the next release.



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On the Executive Summary page, I’m trying to add my own stat. I want to use Gross Profit and have it show up as a hoverable option like the default comparisons on the Summary Page. I’ve tried @Gross Profit, but it just ignores the @ sign and just displays Gross Profit. This would be an amazing way to give more detail to client’s while also allowing them to drill down on the specifics right from the Summary Page.

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Good news! Reports Builder has graduated out labs! We are excited to continue chatting about Digits Reports Builder here!