Introducing Transaction Review

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Introducing Transaction Review

Close your Clients' Books with Confidence and Speed

Announced at QuickBooks Connect, Digits Transaction Review is our end-to-end solution for automatically identifying and coding uncategorized transactions, seamlessly getting input from clients, all the while becoming smarter and more accurate with each use.

Since launching, it's identified 100s of thousands of uncategorized transactions for our accountants, helping them save time and simplify the process of closing their client’s books. Using the power of Digits advanced A.I. technology, it can provide suggestions, recommend personalized questions to ask your clients,​​ and auto-fill categories. You can then review, accept, and push back to QuickBooks Online in a single click.


We recently introduced a new feature to Transaction Review called “Nudges”. These are customizable, automatic email reminders sent to your clients when they still have transactions open that need their input. We know chasing down unresponsive clients can be a serious headache, so let Digit’s do it for you. 

Get started now with Transaction Review, or see it in action first. We look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts!

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