Transaction Review and Client Portal video walkthrough

  • 8 December 2022
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With Transaction Review, you’ll be creating and interacting with your clients through the Digits’ Client Portal. If you want to see the full flow from reviewing transactions, interacting with your clients, their responses to your questions and finally updating QBO, please watch the videos below. 

First-time Accountant Experience

First-time Client Experience

Returning Accountant Experience


2 replies


I need to understand this. I would prefer that my client does not have a portal. Just the ability to receive questions and answer them. Is that possible. 

Can they be sent and answer questions WITHOUT setting up portal access?

thank you

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Currently, a client does need a portal to respond to your questions securely. Would you prefer that they be able to respond directly to the email notifying them of transactions to be reviewed? Would you want emails for each transaction, even if a client received several in a short time period or something different? I would love to know more about your ideal workflow for you and your clients.