Customization options for Profit & Loss Report

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Ready to customize your P&L but not sure exactly where to start or what options are available to you!? Well you have found the right place! Digits Reports makes it super easy to add customizations, statistics and formatting to your report that would normally take a ton of time! 



  1. Show Trendline - Bring in the historical numbers in a visually easy to understand way. Allowing you to really quickly find anomalous behavior in the past. 
    1. If you toggle on the trendline, you will see a bar graph that appears on the P&L section of the report to the left of the totals.
    2. You have the option to choose multiple time frames:
      1. Last 12 months
      2. Last 6 months
      3. Last 3 months
  2. Show Percentage of Income - This will add an additional column showing your percentage of income for each category. 
  3. Show Percentage Total - This will add an additional column showing your percentage total for each category. 
  4. Show Deltas - You can choose to show Month over Month or Year over Year. Both options allow MoM & YoY to be displayed as percentages or amounts. 
    1. Delta: Month over Month
    2. Delta: Year over Year

Tips and Tricks!

Use auto-heatmapping to quickly dive into the largest movers and shakers in the business. Instead of spending hours going line by line to find where changes happened. Quickly find the largest movers by finding the colors the heatmapping pulls out for you!


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When I try to edit a report, the ‘toggle button’ will not turn off once I turned on that setting. example: I turned on the month over month option but when I try to turn it off, I can’t (it switches on immediately).

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Hey @AKolacz21 thanks for reaching out. I am sorry that you’re having an issue with the toggle not turning off. I am looking into this problem with our product team. Hold tight we will get it resolved. :)


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@AKolacz21 thanks again for raising this up. A fix has been pushed live. If you head back to the report, the toggle will correctly toggle between on and off :) 

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Thank you. I love these customizations. My clients all want to see different things and this allows me to offer that to them.

Is there a way to run reports as follows:

  • PL - Month & YTD in same report
  • PL - Quarter & YTD in same report
  • Comparisons including:
    • Previous Year to Date
    • Previous period - i.e. June 2023 vs June 2022
  • Month to Date
  • Year to Date
  • Month and Year to Date
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Great question @Geoff and not at the moment. Definitely things we plan to build out!