Quickly and easily respond to clients questions about their monthly financials

  • 29 April 2022
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How often do you find yourself scrolling through a long email chain trying to find the context of a client question for the monthly financials only to find out that you need to deep dive into QBO to find the answer? 


Things do not need to be this way.


Receiving client questions in context to the data they have questions about should be native to the client experience and with Digits Reports, it is. By enabling your clients to ask questions directly in line with the data they have questions about you can answer them quickly with direct and quick context to what they are asking about. 


1. You send a Digits Report to a client
2. They ask a couple questions about different things throughout the report through comments
3. You answer directly in-line to their comments as the details are directly available with hover to discover to answer them. 
4. Go back and forth in a thread until resolved
5. Click resolve button on comment

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