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Engage stakeholders, exec teams and your board inline with the financials and context

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Don’t spend hours pulling custom reports for everyone and get the small questions about the finances out of the way before your meeting so you can focus on deeper, more strategic value when you find time to meet. 


With Digits Reports, no more custom spreadsheets for each stakeholder. Share one report and with  Comments you can get ahead of the call through engaging with the attendees through “@” mentions in your comments on their report to engage them and answer their small questions before your call. That way, the time is spent on the most fruitful and business strengthening operational work



1. Open your final Digits report you will present
2. Scroll through and "@" mention attendees/stakeholders with questions throughout
3. They will get a notification of a comment that they can click on through a quick link and go answer the question quickly and seamlessly

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