Clean Up - Transactions not showing in boost

  • 17 January 2023
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I imported a client into digits yesterday that has some cleanup work we need to do for 2022.  I see the transactions are visible in search and reports, but the boost is not recommending any yet, and transaction review doesn’t let me recategorize.  The transactions were all imported into qbo as uncategorized transactions.  Is there delay for boost or am I doing this incorrectly? 

2 replies

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Hey @Joseph Damiens Sounds like something odd is going on, can you confirm the name of the client you’re seeing this on? Also, to confirm you have uncategorized QBO transactions in December and January that aren’t showing up in Digits?

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Following up on this in case others hit a similar issue:

1) Currently, any Checks in QBO that are labelled as “ask my accountant” or “uncategorized expense “won't come in for review into Transaction Review. We are working on building out that support.

2) For Boost, there was an unexpected delay for a client which is why the transactions weren't showing up for review. That issue has been fixed.