Client Portal?

Is there a way to see what your client sees when you send them a report?

Also where are they sent? Can that tie back to my website?



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Hi @TSBooks - Great question! We actually have a great Article published that highlights the full reports sharing flow from you hitting send → The clients email → Signing into Digits → Seeing the Report → Shared with Me (Client Portal) page.


To see the email flow for yourself, you can use the “Send a copy to myself” flow as well which will send an email notification directly to you to see what your client will see before you send them the report. The other great thing is that you will be able to see your branding and cover page in the report if you have uploaded your logo to Digits, in the exact way your client will see it :-) 


Screenshot of the modal below:


With regards to tying back to your website, this is a really interesting idea! Any chance you could start up a new Idea thread specifically around what you would be looking for there?


Let me know if you have any follow up questions!



Ok! So I guess I am wondering if there is a possibility to whitelist the portal to my website?

I feel like there's so many login and sigh ups for my clients. I wish there was one login where they can see all our communication plus their reports and files and such.

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@TSBooks That is a great idea! Will you create this as an idea here.