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  • 24 January 2023
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This is a question but potentially an idea. As of right now, when I send the client portal email to a client they can log in from that link but when they try and log in a week later they are getting confused as they are never asked to set up a password or anything.

Has there been any work on creating a client portal login page separate from the regular digits login.

Is it also possible for the client to be forced to set up a password . As of right now the work around is for them to click the “forget password” link and then set one up which seems tedious.



1 reply

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Thanks for the feedback Garret; this is something we’re discussing internally. Your clients can also click on “Send Magic Link to Email” so that they don’t set up a passowrd, but fully agreed that we can make this flow and interface clearer.

Currently forcing a password isn’t an option, but I will bring this up with the team.