Dashboard graphs have no label to indicate cash or accrual

  • 26 January 2024
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I love the graphs that focus on cash runway, cash balance & net burn. However, that immediately makes me ask if the graphs shown on the dashboard are on a cash basis or an accrual basis? Nothing tells me. And if I don’t know, I promise you my client won’t know.

In my opinion, I would rather have them be on an accrual basis, but I can see instances where I or the client would want to know these items on a cash basis as well. So ultimately, I would love the good old QBO toggle. 

But in the meantime, can they at least have a label to prevent any confusion?

Don’t know if this is cash or accrual without going back to QBO


1 reply

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions @Caroline Devoy Our reports are accrual based. On your dashboard, any elements in Cash should have a Cash badge :

Indicating that those are different along with this hover tooltip to explain the difference to your clients:

On the reports itself, if you use two components per row instead of three, it will appear there as well.