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  • 30 November 2022
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Questions about Digits pricing are often top of mind when we chat with our amazing community. Our members are using Digits amazing tools to WOW their clients, but they can’t believe it is free to use! Over time, we’ve engaged with and learned from many of you in the community about your thoughts on pricing so that it’s sustainable to your firm and lets you grow your business.

We are happy to share that as we continue to build, improve and expand Digits' offerings, we are introducing pricing to Digits. 

As mentioned, we want our pricing to truly unlock the growth of your firm on Digits. To that effect, we made the decision to allow for the first 5 clients on Digits to be free forever. Beginning Nov 30th, Digits is offering three additional paid plans. The details of these plans can be seen here. If you are an Admin in your Digits organization, you will see pricing details in your Accountant dashboard.  


As you take a look, if you have any questions not answered below, please ask us here! Or feel free to reach out through support@digits.com

How do I input my payment details into Digits?

  • If you reach a payment plan by having more than 5 clients on Digits or want premium features, you can upgrade easily:
    • Select the Credit Card icon on the Digits sidebar
    • Select the Digits plan you want to upgrade to
    • Select a Monthly or Annual billing plan
    • Enter your billing information
    • Start enjoying your upgraded Digits plan

How does pricing affect my prior reports that had custom branding?

  • Reports created prior to pricing going into effect will not be changed. However, to create new custom-branded reports, you will need to be on a paid plan.

Do you offer discounted pricing?

  • Yes! While our monthly plan offers the most flexibility, our annual plan provides a cheaper option for your business.

How do I remove a client(s) from Digits?

  • While we work to add this into Digits, please contact support@digits.com to remove a client.

Can I upgrade specific clients or do I have to upgrade my entire firm?

  •  You will need to upgrade your entire firm which will include all of your clients on Digits.

Does adding colleagues from my firm or my client’s business change pricing?

  •  No, you can have as many colleagues from your business or your client’s business with no change to Digits pricing or billing.

What payment methods does Digits accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards. For Enterprise customers, we offer a variety of payment methods that we’re happy to chat with you about!

Are my first 5 clients really free forever?

  • Yes, we believe that you will find incredible value and WOW your clients using Digits. Your first five clients allow us to show you how powerful Digits will be for your business without the need for a trial. 

How do I upgrade my plan?

What happens if I go over the plan limits?

  • When adding your 6th client, you’ll will be asked to enter your credit card information as you’re reaching a paid plan. After that has been added, you can keep adding clients. 

Where can I see what Digits plan I’m on?

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