Editing Reports Footnotes

  • 23 August 2023
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We need additional footnote customization to meet US AICPA compliance requirements.

Need to disclose in footnote on each page of financial statements:

   For Management Use Only - No Assurance Provided.

   See accompanying notes to financial statements.

Currently, editing reports to show this footnote does not fit onto area designated.

We would also need to include an additional page to the report “Notes to FInancial Statements” with further disclosures that need to accompany these reports.

IF we can get this to work, it would be FANTASTIC! and we’ll become paid members to roll-out to all our clients.

Thanks for you assistance.

2 replies

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Hey @jsanchezcpa Thanks for the feedback. A couple of questions: would this layout work for your requirements? Please let me know either way. You mentioned it needing to be in the footer, but I wondered if a disclosure at the top would also work. 


For the additional notes, you can add a pdf or document to the report when first generating the report. You would need to select “Add Attachment” and include the files and then it would be sent along with the rest of the report. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on if this would work (or not) for you and your team!

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Hey @jsanchezcpa I wanted to let you know that we just rolled out support for this. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!