How to Delete Report

  • 17 June 2024
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How I do I delete a Digits Report I no longer need? I made a copy customized it, but I don’t want the old version any longer.

5 replies

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Hey @Ryan Ingersoll Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the report menu, and then click on “Delete Report”. I’ve included a screenshot below.



I don’t see a screenshot. Also, when I look for the three dots in the right corner, I do not see it.

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Hey @Ryan apologies that the screenshot did not come through.

To delete a report - navigate to the “reports” page from the left hand panel. Do not click into the report itself, but rather locate the one you’d like to delete. 
You should see 3 vertical stacked dots in the top right hand corner of that reports “panel”. Click that and then select delete. 

See my example below:


Hi! I do not have those three dots on my view?


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Aha - this is due to your level of permissions within Digits.

Since you were invited into Digits via your accountant – they’ll need to be the ones to remove your reports.