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I'm an Operator of a Business, How do I....?

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Hello Operators!

We at Digits are extremely excited to have built and made available to you the world’s first living model. Allowing us to build groundbreaking tools for professionals in the finance field — including you!

One of our first areas of focus has been to build out tooling that meets the needs of folks who operate businesses to solve your most frequent and time intensive tasks.

These tools will help drive efficiency and time savings, allowing you to not only spend more time running your business but also do it with the confidence of fully understanding the finances as well! :-) 

Here are just a couple of the workflows we have unlocked with our next generation tools:

  • Find out how much you spend every month without combing through all your bank accounts. See it all in once place in seconds with Digits Search. Feel the speed here!
  • Updating investors and your team on the latest on the business has never been easier! Create and send beautiful, interactive monthly end reports in one-click. Generate one with Digits Reports, proof, and then send. See how easy it is here
  • Have a question of your team? Don’t spend time screenshotting or creating custom spreadsheets of transactions, vendors, customers or categories to get answers. Just ask the right person on your team directly in line with the item in question with Digits Search. Ask questions and get answers, directly in context of the finances. Share with ease here!
  • Understand the drivers of your business in seconds. With auto-heat mapping in Digits Reports, quickly see the largest areas of movements that drive running the business. Experience to magic here!
  • Make comments to your team and board directly in your Digits Report and never need to dig anywhere else. Make your life easier here! 

We’ll be looking to continually push the boundaries by making our tools even more powerful and also creating new tools for you. Keep watching this thread as we push out new updates for Operators!

In the mean time, feel free to ask or share your favorite tips & tricks here.

Welcome to the community where we build the tools you need.


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