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  • 6 January 2023
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We have been waiting for several days for our first five clients to be set up in Digits. We want to use the tool, so we can roll it out to our other clients. I also need to invite my team members to the Digits account. Can you please help with this? We are excited about the tool, but we are concerned about the set up, and how little information and functionality seems to be available to get started.

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Hi Mariko,

Really sorry for any confusion or lack of clarity of the process to gain initial access to Digits! My name is Rob Hamilton and I lead the partnerships team at Digits and am here to help make your onboarding as smooth as possible. 


In that vein, I reached out via email yesterday to find time to connect and set you up into Digits though it seems that my email may have been caught in spam or lost in transit. Apologies!


To kick things off, we would love to find some time to connect today or early next week if schedules allow to learn more about you, your firm and your goals to set you up for success as you onboard onto Digits!


If any times work for you on this calendar, we would love to set up a time that works!


In the meantime, I will go ahead and get your initial batch of companies set up and you should see approval emails arrive into your inbox shortly. That should allow time to review on your end and when we connect I can answer any questions that you may have as you use the product :-)


My email is - Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything before we talk.