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  • 10 February 2023
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Do you have an instructional video on introducing the product from a clients perspective (not bookkeeper) ? .  We would like to include it in our onboarding email to get people familiar with the product rather than doing a bunch of 1:1 calls. 


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Hey @Rich Conley Great question! We have a video here that shows the first-time client experience as it relates to Transaction Review: 

There is also this article that is a step-by-step guide through Transaction Review from a client’s perspective as well: 


Is there another part of Digits that you'd like to have videos for? Happy to make them! I want to make sure we cover what you and your clients need :) 

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Thanks for those links.  The 2nd video is what I’m looking for but I really don’t need the part where I am inviting them to the portal.  I don’t want to cause any added confusion so I would really like it if the video could reflect their point of view only.  Is this something you guys could work on so we have a nice client intro package? 

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Thanks @Rich Conley super helpful. I made a quick video showing the Transaction Review flow from an iPhone included below. However, I can make a longer video showing the log in flow using magic links (email based authentication) along with the transaction review flow from the client perspective with narration. I’ll work on that early next week, but wanted to give you a quicker video in case it helps in the interim.   


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Hey @Rich Conley,

Dakota here from Digits community team!

I just wanted to let you know we put together a video for onboarding your clients and just shared it here on this post.
The video link is available on the post so that you can include it in your client onboarding emails to help get them up and running on Digits quickly..

I hope this is what you were looking for and can help avoid those 1:1 calls!