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  • 28 April 2022
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New to Digits? Learn more.
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Welcome to Digits!

We’re on a mission to build groundbreaking finance tools leveraging our state-of-the-art Living Model technology.

What is the Living Model?

The Living Model technology unlocks tremendous capabilities in business finance. We’re on a mission to build the tools never before possible that solve the biggest pain points. These tools should each be something that’s both incredibly powerful, yet extremely familiar to use.

What is this community about?

It’s for business owners and finance professionals including bookkeepers, accountants, strategic finance, CFO’s, and more that want not only access to the next generation finance tools, but influence and help shape them as well. Building together is a core belief we have here at Digits and we want to build the tools that solve your biggest needs.

How did you decide which tools to build first?

We’ve been working with hundreds of firms to build these next generation tools that target their biggest pain points.

  • For example, with reporting, we heard from many finance professionals that the whole process to get to the end-deliverable report takes at least 3-5 hours per client. So, we leveraged the Living Model technology and built Digits Reports -- generate and send beautiful, interactive reports that your clients love -- all in one-click.
  • And with search, we heard that it was a pain to even find the information, and then to match and reconcile across different places. What a nightmare to do manually. We built Digits Search which taps into the Living Model directly. (I think of it like it’s a looking glass into how the Living Model is relating that businesses’ financial data in real-time.)

You can learn more on our latest tools from our Labs.

How will you decide which tools to build next?

We’re entirely community driven so will continue to look at the highest voted ideas and prioritize those. You can see which tools are also ready for Labs before they get released to the market.

How can I try these next generation tools?

We made onboarding incredibly easy. Just link Quickbooks to get started. That’s it.

A (really) quick tour

The basic setup of our community is simple:

  • Community
    (You’re here now!) Join the finance tools revolution.
  • Labs
    A look at the tools under development at Digits R&D
  • Knowledge Base
    Read product guides and how-to’s.
  • Product News & Updates
    The latest innovations from Digits.
  • Feedback & Ideation
    This is where you can let us know ideas, feedback, and influence the roadmap of the tools we’re building.

Looking forward to the next breakthrough!


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