Audit client financials for quick historical clarity and anomaly detection

  • 28 April 2022
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Hired for an audit and dreading doing the initial top line analysis to know where to start. Not only does it take hours to complete but can be tedious and not always obvious where to pay attention to. 


With Digits Reports, audit with ease through our easy to use variance analysis including vendor level drivers of the variance, comparative period generation and deep exploration all in one place. 


1. Generate the report for the time period the audit covers.
2. Check out the executive summary to see what the largest drivers of change were for the period/s in question.  
3. Head to each account line item and look at the insight in the hover over. This will highlight the driver of change of the period in question

4. If the movement highlighted is relevant, click the "Add to executive summary" button to mark the insight for further inspection later. 
5. From there, if you want to find more interesting things to note for a category, click on the options button in the left side and choose any one of the options (MoM, YoY, % of income, % of total, ect.) and use the learnings there to drive more insights. 
6. Once you have nailed down the areas to further explore, click the “View live” button to deep dive into any category or vendor to more deeply understand the details. 

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